Tasmania: Explore the Possibilities

An Exhibition of Alternative Parliamentary Portraits by Jamin

March 2 – 24, 2007
Opening 6pm Friday March 2, 2007

INFLIGHT Gallery, Elizabeth Street, North Hobart (Behind Kaos).

‘Tasmania: Explore the Possibilities’ is an exhibition of alternative Parliamentary portraits by Hobart artist Jamin. The work explores the bizarre and often disturbing links between politics and business in Tasmania, and questions whether or not the arts have a role to play in these issues. In a state where the Premier makes jokes like: “Tasmania: the Conspiracy State”, and business leaders like John Gay would like it noted that “it was Mr. Lennon had who rushed to see him… and not the other way around” - it is appropriate to be alert and alarmed. 

In these alternative Parliamentary portraits, Jamin has broken from his stencil-based practice to create free-hand aerosol works, continuing to appropriate and re-present images sourced from the mass media.