Language / actor / network.

My language, confirms your language.

And your language, confirms my language.

A language could be of the tongue. Or of the mind. Of the body. Of emotion. Of symbols. Of music. Or any number of things.

We initiate each other, into language.

And it's love, that seems to start it. Love for another. Love through experience. Love for a thing. Love of place. 

Without love, what need for a language? Why would you speak a language?

Each time we love, we learn a new language.

And each time we are loved, our language is learned by another.

So we become.

And each time, it's unique.

Like a multi-dimensional network,

our languages



And somewhere, temporally...




Life is easy. Money makes life hard.

Dark MOFO 2016

I am a part of a live painting production at Dark MOFO's Dark Park alongside the Labyrinth (with Mayonnaise). The work is an evolving wall, changing nightly. The artists I am working with are Aedan Howlett, Tom O'Herne, Seven, Odius and Topsk. Come down and visit us!