Jamin (b.1976, Sydney) is a Tasmanian artist and curator who lives and works in Hobart, Tasmania.

Jamin works across a range of mediums and processes, in particular he is well known for his stencil, aerosol and street based paintings. He is the visual Curator  of Faux Mo (Part of Mona's MOFO Festival)  and his work decorates the two Mona Ferries, the MR1  & the MR0. Jamin was a finalist in the Glover Prize 2012, recipient of the  Rosamund McCulloch Studio Residency at the Cité International des Arts in Paris 2011, and was selected for 'Contemporary Australia: Optimism' at the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA, QAG, Brisbane) in 2008. 

Jamin has exhibited widely across Australia in numerous solo, curated and group exhibitions. His solo exhibitions include: One Thing Begets Another (Despard Gallery, 2013) Inertia Force Change Inertia (Criterion Gallery, 2008), First We Take Paris, then We Take the World (Devonport Regional Gallery - Solo Commission 2007) and Tasmania: Explore the Possibilities (INFLIGHT, 2007). 

Jamin is represented by Despard Gallery in Hobart. 

Jamin holds an MFA from the Tasmanian School of Art, University of Tasmania (2008), and is currently a PhD Candidate at the Tasmanian College of Fine Art (TCotA).



Jamin's work is held in a number of public and private collections including the the Australian War Memorial and the Art Gallery of Ballarat. 

Solo Exhibitions
2017 - Black Prism, Despard Gallery, Hobart
2013 - One Thing Begets Another, Despard Gallery, Hobart
2011 – Shields Against the Enemy, Criterion Gallery, Hobart
2008 – INERTIA / FORCE / CHANGE / INERTIA, Criterion Gallery, Hobart
2007 – First We Take Paris, Then We Take the World, Solo Commission Devonport Regional Gallery, Devonport
2007 – Tasmania: Explore the Possibilities, INFLIGHT Gallery, Hobart
2006 – Common Ground (Folie á Trois), BUS Gallery, Melbourne
2005 – A.K.A. (Every One's a Suspect), Criterion Gallery @ Amulet Restaurant, Hobart

Production Work

2015/17 – FAUX MO (MONA FOMA), Creative Director / Curator of Visual Environment
2015 – Party In The Lane (Moo Brew), Live Artwork Production (with Aedan Howlett)
2014 – FRANK, Artwork (Painting), Hobart
2014 – MONA ROMA 0 (MR0), Interior & Exterior Artwork Production for 2nd MONA Ferry
2013 – MONA Paella Stand Artwork Production for MONA Exec Chef Vince Trim
2013 – MONA ROMA 1 (MR1), Interior & Exterior Artwork Production for MONA Ferry, with Tom O'Herne and Rob O'Connor

Curatorial Work

2015/17 – MONA FOMA, Creative Associate (Curator of Visual Environment, Faux Mo)
2009 – Auto-Graphic, INFLIGHT Gallery, (Co-curated with Scot Cotterell), Hobart
2007 – Edition Addiction Vol #1, Jimmy’s Skate & Street
2006 – Sex & the City, BUS Gallery (Co-curated with Scot Cotterell), Melbourne

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017 – Islands: A Speculation, (with Nicolas Mole & Grace Williams) TDOTI, Curated by Jane Deeth, QVMAG, Launceston
2015 – Growth, Change, Influence, Curated by Damien Quilliam, QVMAG Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Launceston
2015 – Your Kid Can’t Do This: International Stencil Art, Curated by Luke Cornish aka E.L.K., Ambush Gallery, Sydney
2015 – STAND BACK, Curated by Josie Hurst, Moonah Arts Centre
2015 – Abstraction, Despard Gallery, Hobart
2014 – ORDER / DISORDER, Verge Gallery, Sydney
2014 – Make Your Mark, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery
2014 - Abstraction, Despard Gallery
2013 – Investigations, Plimsoll Gallery
2013 – I WANT CHANGE, curated by Michael Brennan, LUMA (La Trobe University Museum of Art)
2012 – InFLUX, curated by Tracey Cockburn, Rosny Barn
2011 – Dimanche Rouge #11, Batofar, Paris
2011 – Street Kube, Kube Hotel, Paris
2011 – Group Action 7, Criterion Gallery, Hobart
2010 – Next Show, Melville Street Warehouse, Hobart
2010 – The Oyster's Locale, ArtsAlive, Launceston (Curated by Fernando do Campo)
2010 – May's Touring Exhibition, Bathurst Regional Gallery, Bathurst
2010 – Spray Drip Stroke, Poimena Gallery, Launceston (Curated by Ben Miller)
2010 – Let's Make the Water Turn Black, INFLIGHT Gallery, Hobart (Curated by Mat Ward)
2010 – Group Action 6, Criterion Gallery HOBART
2010 – Prosopography, Academy Gallery, Launceston
2010 – Group Action 5, Criterion Gallery, Hobart
2009 – Poppers, Front Gallery, Newcastle (Curated by Tom Kearny)
2009 – Darwin Centenary, Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery, Hobart
2009 – May's Lane Street Art Retrospective, Carriage Works, Sydney
2009 – Portrait Show, Famous When Dead Gallery, Melbourne
2009 – Your Kid Can't Do This, ACT Legislative Assembly Gallery, Canberra
2008 – Contemporary Australia: Optimism, Gallery of Modern Art, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane
2008 – Unsustainable Weight of Place, Watch This Space, Alice Springs
2008 – Some Dayz, Michael Koro Gallery, Melbourne (Curated by Adrian Doyle)
2008 – Lucha Libre!, INFLIGHT Gallery, Hobart (Curated by Victor Medrano)
2007 – Urban Skins, Pinnacles Gallery, Thurngowa, Queensland
2007 – Urban Art Agenda #1 (with Die Laughing Collective), Shed 4, Docklands, Melbourne.
2007 – INFLIGHT, Firstdraft ARI, Sydney; ArtsAlive, Launceston; INFLIGHT, Hobart.
2007 – Stencil Festival 2007, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Sale, Ballarat.
2007 – E.G., Plimsoll Gallery, Hobart (curated be Briony Nainby)
2007 – Sea Change, Kill Difference, Red Wall Gallery, Hobart (curated by Tim Panaretos)
2007 – Selected Cuts, Higher Ground, Adelaide Fringe Festival, Adelaide
2006 – ...text me, Devonport Regional Gallery, Devonport (curated by Ellie Ray)
2006 – 2006 Melbourne / Sydney Stencil Festival, Melbourne & Sydney
2006 – May’s Retrospective Exhibition (with Die Laughing Collective), Building 1 Factory 1, Sydney
2006 – Hatched ‘06, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA), Perth
2006 – A Place in the World - Visual Art Prize, ACU and University of Adelaide, Adelaide
2006 – Sticker Fix, Sabotage Gallery, Hobart
2005 – Artmart, Urban Café / Sabotage, Hobart
2005 – Criminal Intent (with Die Laughing Collective), HO Gallery, Melbourne
2005 – Melbourne Stencil Festival (with Die Laughing Collective), Meat Markets, Melbourne

Grants, Awards & Commissions
2017 – Art Site, Elizabeth College
2016 – Art Site, Hobart College (with Jacob Leary) 
2013 – Tasmanian Graduate Research Scholarship
2012 – 2012 Glover Prize, Finalist
2011 – Rosamund McCulloch Studio Residency, Paris
2007 – Devonport Regional Gallery Solo Commission 2007
2006 – Australian Post Graduate Award Scholarship

Solo Exhibitions with Die laughing Collective (Jamin, Paicey & Empire)
2009 – May's, May Lane, Sydney
2008 – Heavy Weight, Blender Studio Wall, Melbourne
2006 – May’s, May Lane, Sydney
2006 – The Rat Palace, Entrepot Gallery, Hobart
2005 – Die Laughing, Earlyspace Gallery, Melbourne
2004 – Dissent Disrupt Desert, Entrepot Gallery, Hobart